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Chancheng Autumn Parade route lighting facilities and lighting lighting project

Time: 2016-10-22 14:35:30     

Recently, the reporter learned from the Chancheng District Public Utility Management Technology Service Center was informed that this year's construction of the entire 3.5 km Autumn Parade route lighting facilities and lighting lighting project has been completed.

The reporter understands, because each road environment and road lighting facilities, making the road illumination difference between the larger, some sections of illumination is relatively low, difficult to meet the Autumn parade performances and viewing needs. For the protection of the Autumn parade smoothly and the public viewing needs, Chancheng municipal utility management technology service center on the autumn cruise line lighting facilities were upgraded, including the Zumiao Road (Weiguo Road - Lotus Road), Jianxin Road, the people Road (Fenjiang Road - Fu Yin Road), Lotus Road, Fu Yin Road, Shing Mun Tau Road (Fenjiang Road - Zumiao Road) and the surrounding route of the residential area, the total length of 4.2 km; and increase lighting, Strengthen the Autumn Parade lighting, to facilitate the public to watch and improve the level of security, contrast activities atmosphere. In addition, residents of the road in the vicinity of the district, the replacement of the wall lights 358 sticks. The lighting renovation project in early July to enter the installation, completed in mid-October.