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Dubai International City, Building and Commercial Lighting Exhibition

Time: 2016-10-17 16:01:58     

Lightmiddleeast - the most professional lighting exhibition in the Middle East

Light Middle East is one of the most well-known brand exhibitions of Messe Frankfurt, one of the largest and most prestigious professional exhibitions in the world of architectural lighting and lighting industry. It is one of the world's leading trade fair for architectural, architectural and commercial lighting in the United Arab Emirates. The show is held annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, attracting a large number of lighting industry professionals to the scene. The exhibition has become the radiation of the entire Gulf area of the most professional lighting exhibition.

A total of 14,382 trade visitors and buyers from nearly 50 countries and regions attended the fair, including the United Arab Emirates, Gulf States, the Middle East, Africa, Iran, CIS countries and the Indian subcontinent, attracting retailers and wholesalers from all over the world. , Designers, architects and other industry experts. Chinese companies are still the main exhibitors of the exhibition, with buyers awareness of Chinese products more and more high, the Chinese exhibitors the popularity of products has gradually increased, especially LED, interior lighting products are very popular .

Market analysis

In the Middle East, the construction industry is booming, especially in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries, the construction industry is the most prosperous. UAE's construction industry has a solid foundation, stable development, the total value of construction projects in recent years to maintain growth. The second largest emirate Dubai since the successful transformation of the tourism economy industry, the region's rapidly increasing demand for building materials, construction machinery, natural stone, building tiles, kitchen ware and sheet metal and other building materials products in great demand.

Together with Dubai's hosting of the 2020 World Expo, the event will undoubtedly make the Middle East once again a focal point, further boosting the Middle East's construction and tourism boom. The growing population and wealth of the Gulf States, and the continued warming of the tourism industry, have all contributed to the prosperity of the building. Many countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries of the infrastructure, have greatly stimulated the demand for lighting products. The United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Gulf are now in a period of economic recovery, with retail, trade and construction driving demand for lighting, while growth in Dubai and other parts of the UAE is driving the lighting industry. In the Middle East region's top five lighting equipment and equipment trade partners, ranked first in China, imports amounted to $ 8,870 million, accounting for one-third of total imports.

Ying Tuo exhibition invites you to participate in this exhibition, look forward to working with you to develop new markets, harvest unlimited business opportunities! More details of the exhibition, please pay attention to the Foreign Trade Bureau designated exhibition platform - International Exhibition Guide www.showguide.cn or call the extension hotline 400-8855-088 contact customer service